Dr. Surya Dhulipala is awarded the Data Science Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship

Congratulations to Surya, who will be spending time over the next 18 months with the Data Science Institute to help answer important questions about low-cost sensor network optimization:

Drs. Naomi Zimmerman (UBC Mechanical Engineering) and Amanda Giang (UBC Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability) were awarded funding for their pilot project “Optimal placement of low-cost air quality sensors in Metro Vancouver to better predict air quality exposure”. This project seeks to develop efficient models for monitoring and predicting air quality in urban centres by leveraging anonymized 5G mobile location data with weather and air quality surveys. One key outcome is to identify locations for sensing of air quality—for example, what is the minimum number needed and where should they be installed for a given area. Ultimately the outcome is to enable data-driven public policy decision-making to support healthy outcomes as it relates to air pollution. This award will be supporting postdoctoral fellow Dr. Surya Dhulipala.

Read more about the award here!